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14 Notes

Berlin folks- don’t sleep on getting tickets for this. Fair warning. Zoom

Berlin folks- don’t sleep on getting tickets for this. Fair warning.

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The Saddest Landscape, Frameworks European Tour



The Saddest Landscape and Frameworks are touring Europe later this year. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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I'm so happy that you come to my hometown essen,Germany in october ! You're my favourite Band and your music helped me to Stay strong in Reals Hard times. I also can't wait to Show you the heart tattoo on my arm :) much love ! 😘

Asked by Anonymous

Amazing! Be sure to say hello at the show

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When You Are Close, I Am Gone

The Saddest Landscape & My Fictions


The Saddest Landscape & My Fictions || When You Are Close, I Am Gone


Hey, I'm from Northern Canada, and your music has saved my life more times than I can imagine. As a musician and a writer, I found that you guys have influenced me a lot. I know it might sound a tad stuck up, but have you guys ever tabbed out any of your work, it would be amazing to play it.

Asked by artovermattter

Thank you that’s amazing. We have never done that. Honestly… We are busy and lazy :)

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Hey guys, i'm Johnny from Portugal and I just dropped by to tell you how amazingly beautiful and intense your music sounds to me, not only because of the incredibly abrasive sound but for the lyrics, I identify myself a lot with them and in a way, you've been helping me cope with some difficult life moments, we've all been there, right? But it's all temporary. But yeah, thank you for everything!

Asked by kuzkinamat

That’s awesome to hear thank you man. I think we all listen to this type of music for the same reason you know? That’s the common bond.

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The Saddest Landscape + Frameworks + The Tidal Sleep
{European Tour} October 2014

The Saddest Landscape + Frameworks + The Tidal Sleep

  • {European Tour} October 2014

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We talked at Bled Fest for a bit, just wanted to let you know how powerful that set was and how much it impacted me. Hoping you come through Chicago next time you're on tour!

Asked by awakeandempty

Thanks so much! That show was one of the funnest we’ve ever played. Thanks for being there and watching

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Any chance of you guys making it to Nashville or Louisville sometime soon?

Asked by hellyestoyoursummerdress

Unfortunately not. Far away and can’t get enough time off work

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Playing any shows in MA or naw?

Asked by Anonymous

Not right now. Focusing on writing. We will eventually though

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hey! what theme do you guys use? this is a lame question, but i really want to know.

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Sorry have no idea!


Are you guys using limitedrun or bigcartel? Or both? I noticed the patch is sold out on bigcartel but available on limitedrun, confusionnnnnnn

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Bigcartel sorry for confusion


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can you guys cover iris by the goo goo dolls?

Asked by dearericiquit

Not a chance in hell bearded one

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love ya

Asked by takeastand

Same 😍