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Guest Nerd Post: Alex DiVincenzo from

Really glad to have Alex writing something on here. He’s someone that’s been super supportive of TSL over the past few years, loves vinyl, and always goes out of his way to give exposure to quality punk and hardcore bands. A man of good taste, so figured it would be cool to have him talk about wax on here (as he mentions, I’ve been harassing him for quite a bit to do so). Sorry Alex :)

Aaron has been asking me to write something up for this blog since before it even launched. He’s always been cool at providing content for AbsolutePunk, so I figured I should finally make the time to return the favor. I was planning on bringing some much-needed pop punk love to the blog. As soon as I saw Andy pass over the Transit 7” in his Record Store Day post, I knew it would be the perfect subject.

Promise Nothing is Transit’s Rise Records debut. The label usually releases awful “scene” junk, but they’ve recently signed some good stuff (Man Overboard, A Loss For Words). I’ve watched this group grow from a local band to a wider success over the years. They have the rare ability to mature with each release without losing their core sound.

The 7” is limited to 1000 copies - 700 blue/clear (which is what I got) and 300 green. These two tracks are among the most impressive in their growing catalogue. It doesn’t hurt that the vinyl looks cool and the artwork has a distinct New England feel to it.

If you want to read my full review of the EP, you can do so here. But I know you really just want to look at more

pictures, so here they are:



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